Mind of mine

Zayn’s new album is out and it is so catchy. So real. All of the songs written him and you could feel what he’s trying to say through his songs. Zayn has sung all his songs in different ways, if you know h from the one direction you’ll feel difference and will definitely love these songs.

Mind of mine : album’s name too,just an intro of 1 to 2 min. Okayishhh!

Pillow talk : This song came out first early this year and it’s been a hit, it’s so Catchy that even my mom loves it.

It’s you : it’s a blissful song… let’s you breath and relax,Soft and slow!!

BeFour : Again so realistic, I get goosebumps every time I hear it.

She : Super catchy.. it’s a song in a girl who who wouldn’t love it? Craziness of a girl.

Drunk : Low tempo.. Melodious! As he slay the words “Late nights,red eyes,Amnesia”

Intermission flower : Phool OMG!!!!!!YAAASSSSSS…ZAAYNNN JUST SAND AN URDU SONG!!!!!! All those ‘harkats’ just take you to another world.

Like I would : Catchy track wwith all the echoes  amd the music and perfect lyrics. “He dont know your body,he don’t do you right”

  • Tbh I haven’t heard all the songs of Mind of mine but believe me it’s the best album

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