Recently I’ve realized that the world ‘Feminism’ is taken in a wrong meaning. It is often taken synonymous to females having power and rights and men not having any. But no, that’s not the truth. Feminism mean that women should have equal rights to men so that they can stand shoulder to shoulder with men. Why female boss given less importance than male boss? Why are in some places women are not allowed to work? Why are in some countries, women either burned along with their husbands when he dies or they are looks upon as a symbol of bad luck? Women deserve to live as much as men do. Bith are creation of God. Today this problem is at peak. Emma Watson have started a campaign for feminism known as HeforShe. There are times when women degraded by other but there are women who degrade themselves. They shouldn’t do this. Often ive seen a blue eyed girl wanting green, green eyes wishing for grey and a girl having brown eyes thinking that she had the most common eye colour I absolutely hate when they do this. Then they worry about their weight. Girls why to let numbers of scale define you? If a girl love to read she is nerd, if she loves to go out to party shr is a party animal? Why are girls criticized in all matters? We need to change our mind sets and accept the truth that women are equally important as men. We are thr one who have to take this message forward. Before taking any decision just think ‘ If not me, then who? If not now then when? Feminism is the radical notion that women are people -Cheris kramarae

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