Love Yourself

Self love is like an ocean and you Heart is a vessel. Make it full and any excess will spill over into the lives of people you hold dear. But YOU must come first.
Don’t let people hurt you. I was sitting and thinking about my life and stuff. I was such a stupid in past. ( Jokes on you I’m still stupid) I used to care a lot about others. I used to think about them and always keep them before myself. I used to care what other think of me. ( I cried every single day because of that) people are rude. I’m talking about the time when I was in 8/9 grade. Some people used to say shit about me and there were rumors about me in school it actually hurts in the beginning. I tried to do what they do and tried to change my self so you know I can adjust in them. But at the end I am ME . My thinking,way of life,my interests everything was different from them. I always used to feel like I was left over. I also did a lot of mistakes We All Do. But you learn from your mistake. I was finally grade 10 kinda a but mature (Heh what?) And that was the time I realized that there’s this quotation by me. ( OMG so original) “If you cant be them, talk shit about them” If they can’t be like you they would do everything to make other think that you are bad e.t.c . They’re just jealous of you they wanna be like you or they want to be with you. And that was a time I didn’t cared what other thinks about me anymore because it doesn’t matter. Love yourself. Self-esteem is so important. You have to take care of yourself you have to love yourself. Care about others but not allow them to play with you, your feeling or anything related to you. You Are Important. I also realized that making friends and socializing I mean it’s a good thing but don’t get so involved with people. Don’t have so much drama. Don’t think that every other snake is your friend. Have positive people and positive energy around yourself. Be nice to others. Be nice to yourself. Stay away from toxic people. Having lot of friend aka snakes. Having a big circle (wtf am I saying) will not make you happy believe me. Try having fun by yourself . Believe in yourself. Don’t ever care about what other thinks cause you can never satisfy others believe me. They will hurt you, talk shit about you, make you feel that everything is your fault and make you feel bad about yourself but if you don’t give a fuck they would be the making fun of their-selves. Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.

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